Game Update #3 - Halcyon Trials, T12 & T13 Armour, Max Cape, 4 New Pets, Vote Buff!

Game Update #3 - Halcyon Trials, T12 & T13 Armour, Max Cape, 4 New Pets, Vote Buff!


Free Titanic Aura

Enjoy a free aura on us, only until the next update is released!

Use ::reward titanicaura to receive it.

Bonuses are in cosmetic slots only:

100% DR

50% DDR

15% Damage

Halcyon Trials Minigame

This new minigame requires 10,000 max hit to start.

You will also lose 10 minigame shards each kill in this minigame.

There are 10 different rooms, and you must complete the kill count requirement in each room to access the next room.

All bosses have the same health, but as you get to the next room you will get more tickets per kill.


Example of Room 2:

You must collect the tickets and buy t12 armour in the shop

You can also buy keys in the shop. These are the only grindable ways to get the keys.

There are other ways to get the keys, such as global bosses or loot keys.

T12 Armour Sets & Weapons

All t12 items have dissolve of 24B cash

Envision set (melee)

Frostbite set (ranged)

Magelic set (magic)

All t12 items can be upgraded

T13 Armour Set & Weapons

The new Halcyon Set is BIS and can be obtained only through Upgrading!

Max Cape

The new max cape can be bought after achieving level 99 in all skills.

The price for the max cape is 5B

You can right click “Operate” the max cape to view this:

The max cape has 30% Damage Boost, 500DR, 250 DDR, and 30% in Cosmetic Damage.

New Pets

Avianse Pet

Cost: 500K Breeding Tokens

100% Damage Boost

350% Drop Rate

175% Double Drop Rate


Barbarian Snowman pet

Cost: 1M Breeding Tokens

120% Damage Boost

450% Drop Rate

225% Double Drop Rate


Genie Pet

Cost: 5M Breeding Tokens

140% Damage Boost

600% Drop Rate

300% Double Drop Rate


Shining Dragonling Pet

Cost: 30M Breeding Tokens

200% Damage Boost

1000% Drop Rate

500% Double Drop Rate


Minigame Shards Box

A new box has been added that gives minigame shards!

Purchaseable from Cash Shop for 5M/each


Slayer Helmets

All slayer helmets give damage bonus in either main equipment slot, or cosmetic slot while on SLAYER TASK ONLY.

These bonuses will NOT show in your equipment interface.


T1 - Purchase from Slayer Shop (10K Shards)

25% Damage Boost


T2 - Upgrade interface tier 1

50% Damage Boost


T3 - Upgrade interface tier 1

100% Damage Boost


T4 - Upgrade interface tier 1

150% Damage Boost


T5 - Upgrade interface tier 1

200% Damage Boost

Season Pass (2)

A new season pass has been added!


The very last reward will give you access to the season pass zone

The npcs in this zone drop bonds


YouTube Wizard

The YouTube Wizard boss will be enabled during live streams!

Halcyon Super Box

The cost of this box is 10 credits and can be obtained F2P through various events ingame.

Mega Halcyon Box

The cost of this box is 50 credits and can be obtained F2P through various events ingame.


Vote Reward Rework

Voting helps the server out a lot!

We would greatly appreciate it if you took a few minutes out of your day to vote for our server.


From voting you will now receive Voting Books.

These are tradeable!

Claiming this reward will give you items and progress towards the voting competition.


Typing ::vote will now open the option to view voting competition leaderboard.

It will display a list of the top voters for the month


The voting streaks have also been updated


The voting global boss loots have been updated


The voting shop has been reworked too!

Galaxy Island Dupe-Reroll

You can only swap prayers that you have unlocked
If you have all prayers unlocked, you can not swap

Donation Point Shop

New boxes added!

Devout Champion Global

Drops have been reworked!

Custom Items


Staff for Cursed


Wings for Vegeta


If you are missing your custom item or waiting for an order, make sure to contact us!


Other Updates

Golden spade is now in the skilling shards shop

Added mithril seeds to staff bucks shop

Lowered Interstellar Boss to 125 raids required

Fixed bug with checkout not working at ::afk

Fixed evil ranger name on slayer tasks

Breeding pets now will desummon your current pet

Cap n fizzy has been added to agility teleport

AOE now works at globals

Buying items from daily task shop will go to bank if inventory is full

Claiming any sort of donation deals will go to bank if inventory is full

Entering youtube giveaways now requires you to comment your username on the video

Our email server is now back up to claim legion rank

By default, the client will no longer save the last inputted value (you can also toggle it in settings)

Fixed soulsplit prayer in Godly prayer book

Interstellar demon has been removed from EASY daily tasks

Alpha cape can now be operated from cosmetic slots

Bank can now be used at edgeville and lunar isle

Fixed claiming vote bags with first option


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