Game Update #2 - Galaxy Island, Godly Prayers, Interstellar Boss, Clues/6 Cosmetic Sets + MORE!

Game Update #2 - Galaxy Island, Godly Prayers, Interstellar Boss, Clues/6 Cosmetic Sets + MORE!

Galaxy Island

The new galaxy island minigame has been added!

The concept of this minigame is simple, kill all 4 bosses in each corner.

Each boss will drop a key, once you receive all 4 keys, you can open the chest.

The concept of this minigame is for new players to earn cash by selling their keys to endgamers.


Boss #1 - Space Alien


Boss #2 - Galactic Crawler


Boss #3 - Majestic Demon


Boss #4 - Star of the Galaxy


Galaxy Chest Loot:


Godly Prayer Book

A new prayer book has been added!

To unlock this prayer book you must spend 10B cash.

The prayers are unlocked from the Galaxy Island Minigame.

24 Hour Benefit Scrolls

From Galaxy Island minigame, you can receive scrolls that last for 24 hours.

x2 Raid Keys

1.5x DR (1K dr becomes 1.5K)

x1.5 DDR (1K ddr becomes 1.5K)

x1.5 EXP

x2 Slayer Points

Interstellar Demon Boss

After completing 250 Intestellar Raids, you can attack the Interstellar Demon Boss.


+250 DR Bonus Scroll

A bonus scroll that lasts for 1 hour has been added (+250 DR Bonus Scroll)

You can buy this in the coin shop for100M


Slayer Shop Rework

The old slayer shop has been removed, and a new one has been added.

We will be expanding on this.

Boss Shards Box

The boss shard box is obtained from various shops.


Elite Instance Tickets

Doubles the amount of instance spawns in an instance. Purchasable for 5M each from the coin shop

Clue Scrolls & Cosmetic Sets

You can now earn clue scrolls from the season pass zone.

These clue scrolls give cosmetic sets!


BIS Set - Skeletal Set

13% Cosmetic Damage

+40 Cosmetic DR

+20 Cosmetic DDR


Master chief set

8% Cosmetic Damage


Satanic set

8% Cosmetic Damage


Clown set

8% Cosmetic Damage


Phanom Set

3% Cosmetic Damage


Ancient Set

3% Cosmetic Damage


The clue casket:


All of the clue scroll items are dissolveable for clue tickets, which you can spend in this shop:


Royal Donator Zone

A new donator zone has been added for Royal Donator+

This donator zone has 5 custom pets, which can all be breeded for XP and tokens.

Elite Galactic Box

A new mystery box has been added, which is sold for 10 game credits!

New Pets

New pets have been added for 250K breeding tokens!

Morty Pet

Pikachu Pet

Stinger Pet



80% Damage

300 DR

150 DDR

Legion Boss Zone

The Legion Observer boss has been added!

Legion members can kill him 100x per day.

To join Legion, you must have donated $1K to either Fantasy or Destiny.

Icey Accessories

Icey ring, wings, and amulet have been added to Creation!


Slayer Amulet

The slayer amulet has a 25% chance to double the slayer kill.

Purchaseable from the Slayer shop


Voting Buff

Voting boss now only requires 5 votes

You now get Clue scrolls and boss shard boxes from voting

Well of Goodwill

The well of goodwill can now be donated to, in increments of 500M (1m coins)

Custom Items





Bug Fixes

Fixed bugs with the raid not working

Lowered skilling requirements to level 90 in the raid

Fixed being able to use breed all without having level requirement

Removed youtube goodiebag achievement

QOL Updates

Wishing well now requires 100m coins

Fixed Infinity Statue saying null in Upgrading

+50 Drop Rate Perk item no longer has % in name

Added jailing system for staff

Added donator points to player quest tab

Decreased AOE orbs from Voting goodiebags


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