Game Update #1 - Icey Instance, Box Zone, Interstellar Set, Vote Buff, Dragonling + MORE!

Game Update #1 - Icey Instance, Box Zone, Interstellar Set, Vote Buff, Dragonling + MORE!

Box Zone

The all new box zone has the following mystery boxes to kill:

Bronze Mystery Box

Silver Mystery Box

Gold Mystery Box

Platinum Mystery Box


To kill the bosses at this zone you must have Box Zone Credits, which can be purchased from the Boss Shard Shop.

Each kill at the box zone you will lose ONE box zone credit.

Coin Shop

In the coin shop you can buy food/potions, starter devout set, and the new icey instance!

Interstellar T11 Set

You can now upgrade to the Interstellar BIS set in T11 Upgrading

The only way to obtain this set is through Upgrading!

New Voting Rewards

You will now get $2-$5 in bonds per vote

You will now get a 20% voting damage scroll that lasts for 4 hours

You will now get 2 Voting goodiebags per vote

Royal donators will get 4 Voting goodiebags per vote

Godly donators will get 6 Voting goodiebags per vote

Voting goodiebag has been buffed:

Breeding Goodiebag

This goodiebag is obtained from the Minigame shop, 

Slayer “Get Task”

You can now quickly get a slayer task in the quest tab

Breed All Option

Slayer Global Boss

Spawns every 500 tasks

Demonic Donator Zone

All gems mined here are doubled!

All orbs created here are doubled!

Icey Instances + Aura

You can buy an icey instance for 25M coins (you must be wearing Power aura to buy it)

This will spawn 100x Icey Brutes

Daily Task Re-Roll

You can re-roll one task per day

Dragonling Pet

Obtained for 100K Breeding Tokens

60% Damage Boost

150% Drop Rate

75% Double Drop Rate

Raid Key Loot Adjustment

The Interstellar Raid now gives 1-3 keys per raid

Enchanted donator gets + 1 key

Demonic donator gets + 2 keys

Royal donator gets + 3 keys

Overlord donator gets + 4 keys

Godly donator gets + 5 keys

We also have a minigame coming soon, where you can obtain a x2 Raid Key scroll that lasts for 1 week.

AFK Zone + Shop

At this zone donators get increased spirit chippings!

It increases, as your donator rank increases.

Godly Donator

Amount required = $20K

XP Modifier = 300%

Damage Multiplier = 1.55x

Drop Rate = 350%

Double Drop Rate = 350%

Triple DR = 25%

Bug Fixes

You can no longer sell pets to breeder shop

Fixed bug with interstellar raid

Fixed overload potions sometimes not working

You can no longer activate all curse prayers

Grenwall spikes no longer show up as a box

Fixed adding coins to pouch

QOL Updates

Added ::commands list

Added ::rules command

Added new manager icon

Fixed dissolving multiple non-stackable items for daily task/achievement progression

Increased price of herbs in shops

Instance amounts now increase as the boss gets harder


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